No Excuse Physical Fitness

You do not have to break the bank to have a healthy body. Here are some tips for looking great.

COVID 19 heralded a general acceptance for tele-working and served as a catalyst for the growth of the “work-from home” industry. This brought with it the good and the bad as most sudden changes to generally acceptable ways of life tend to do.

Being at home when the school bus drops off the children is a big plus. Not having to choose between time off from work and being home when the repair crew are scheduled to arrive is another good thing. The benefits of working from home are endless. Some people are happy for the ability to balance other responsibilities with work instead of having to choose between both while they remain, there are others, though, who have gotten very comfortable with the sedentary lifestyle, and their physical fitness levels have plummeted as a result.

More time at home, as people cut off commuting time, affords folks the opportunity to cook healthy meals. Nonetheless, people need to actively participate in physical fitness activities to ensure their bodies continue to function as they should. No one should require a doctor’s prescription or a fitness coach’s guidebook with rigorous workout routines for that person to get back on track with their physical fitness.

Below are a few equipment and routines you can use to stay physically fit while at home:

Ab Roller Wheels: The perfect beach body and six-pack abs you have been dreaming of is

Abs Wheel for abs-workout - home gym

not unattainable. Since that is the case, you can move from dreaming to achieving six-pack abs by working out with an ab-roller wheel. Of course, it does not happen overnight but, with no-excuse workout sessions right there in your living room, the keg will break up into a six-pack eventually.

Pull Up Bar: Upper body workout complements your six-pack abs. A pull up bar is good for Pull-up Barexpanding your physical fitness regimen to include upper body workouts. Working out at your own pace, in your own home, with nobody judging you is a good way to slowly get buff.

Push Up Board: Doing pushups is not just for those in the military. YouPush Up Board can activate your pecks and other upper body muscles by incorporating pushups into your workout routine. Push Up Boards are designed for multiple variations of pushups hence maximizing your upper body workout with one equipment.

Dumbbells: You do not need to have biceps like Arnold Dumbbells - adjustableSchwarzenegger, but it does not hurt to have healthy looking ones either. Adjustable dumbbells take up little space and allow you to adjust the weights to suit your abilities and specific workout routines.

Stair Stepper: A stair stepper is an essential add-on to your workout equipment. With it, youStair Stepper get both cardio and leg workout, and your calves are not neglected in the physical tune-ups.

Jump Rope: Just like lower body workout, you need to make room for Jump ropecardio workout as well. This is something you can do with minimal equipment. All you need is a jump rope also known as skipping rope, which takes up very little storage space. All you need is the willingness to exercise. You will get your cardio workout with this.

Exercise Yoga Mat: Add yoga to your workout routine. There are many benefits to doingYoga Mat yoga. A good stretch before and after a workout session is vital for preventing injury to your muscles. Besides traditional yoga routines, you can do other workouts that target your core and lower back using your exercise yoga mat. You do not have to worry about sweating on your carpet or laying on the cold wood or concrete floors. More importantly, you cannot go wrong with having a yoga mat handy.

Massage tool: Your muscles are bound to be sore as you workout. However, it is not all the Massage Tooltime you need pain killers to ameliorate the painful muscles. Sometimes, just drinking water and having a massage would be the remedy you need. Therefore, get a massage tool that hits the spots you often feel soreness after working out.

So, there you have it. No excuse for not being physically fit. Now, go build your own home gym and get buff.

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