10 Must-have Tools

Being a handyman requires skills, grit, and most importantly… tools. We don’t all have to be handymen or women but it is essential we be prepared and able to tackle small projects and emergencies. Here are the top 10 tools you need to have handy.

Owning your own car, house or apartment brings a beautiful feeling of independence. However, with that independence comes the curveballs that life periodically throws at you, for which it behooves you to be prepared.

Something that life did, which you did not expect. Remember when you were in a rush to get somewhere only to realize your car would not start or had a flat tire? What about that time when you needed something off the top shelf in the kitchen and there was nothing safe to stand on for you to reach that shelf? Did you ever try to take something apart or put it together and wished you had a tool with which to do it? These are some moments in life when you had wished you had one tool or another to perform a quick fix so you can move on to more important matters. Unfortunately, those little things probably held you up.

The tools below are a must-have in your collection if you are to overcome those issues that pop up on you at the most inconvenient times:

Jump Cables or Jump Starter: Should you be in need of a jump start, a portable jump starter would get you on your way very quickly. You may not be the one in need of a jump start but having jump cables or a jump starter on hand is a great help when there is a vehicle with a run-down battery and good Samaritans willing to help. Though you may not care for praises and accolades, the person getting the jump start will be most appreciative of your assistance.

Air Compressor: There are different sizes and capacities of air compressors as they have a wide range of uses. Having a basic air compressor handy could be a lifesaver. Sometimes your tire pressure is low due to cold weather or a slow leak. Either way, topping up the air before hitting the road is advisable. Your air compressor will save you a search for a gas station with a functioning air pump while driving with a deflated tire thus preventing potential damage to your tire.

Hydraulic Car Jack:  Car jacks are an essential accessory to all cars. Yes, every car comes with a jack but having a hydraulic jack readily available will get you on the road quickly should you wake up to a flat tire. The ease with which you lift a car, using a hydraulic jack, is unparalleled. It goes without saying that upper body strength, or lack thereof, is not vital for operating one of these.

Power Drills:  Are you a DIYer, homeowner, or still renting? Your tool bag is not completePower Drill - Cordless without a power drill. You could go for one with a cord or a cordless power drill but be sure to also have a good assortment of bits as this will bring ease and speed into taking care of your weekend or spontaneous projects such as putting together that furniture you just picked up from Ikea.

Ladder: Getting an item off the top shelf or cleaning your gutters? You cannot go wrong with a ladder. There are different types of ladders for various types of projects or routine tasks. Be it a step ladder for use in the kitchen or an extension ladder for reaching even higher places, you are safer on a ladder than improvised objects. You could also invest in a multipurpose ladder which provides the flexibility to adjust as needed to suit the task at hand.

Plunger and Toilet Snake: Possibly one of your worst nightmares is a backed-up toilet, especially when you have guests coming over. The ability to quickly mitigate a would-be embarrassing event with a plunger or toilet snake is priceless. Toilet SnakeDrain cleaning tools such as plungers and toilet snakes are must-have tools even if it is for a temporary fix until you get a handyman to do a more thorough repair work.

Wet/ Dry Shop Vac: A wet/ dry vacuum is very versatile and provides flexibility for cleaning up the dry or wet mess that requires vacuuming. A spill on your carpet, favorite rug, or yourShop Vac car’s upholstery would get you springing into action quickly. Cleaning up such spills would sometimes require the ability to dry the affected area as well quickly. You will certainly find value added to owning a shop vac if you enjoy working on different projects in your garage as they are ideal for keeping such worksites clean.

Screwdrivers:  From a loose door handle to a faucet head, a pot-cover handle to an Screwdriverselectrical appliance in the kitchen, a screwdriver comes in very handy for quick fixes. Your collection of screwdrivers must include a Philips Head (cross head), Flat Head (straight head), and Allen Wrench (Hex Key) as they each are designed for specific purposes. A set of multi-bit screwdrivers allows you to have one handle with interchangeable bits for different tasks.

Pliers and Wrenches: Not every slow drip requires a plumber or handyman. You can quicklyPliers and Wrenches tackle most repairs that only require a little tightening if you have pliers or wrenches readily available. They come in different sizes and can be used for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts or pipes and pipe fittings.

Hammer: other than for general carpentry, a hammer is a good tool to have in hand when a need for one arises. Improvising with random objectsHammers around the house does not get the job done like the real thing. Though there are different types of hammers, Nail Hammers are the most common type of hammers to have in your tool kit. You also want to have a rubber mallet handy for those tasks requiring some hammering with a gentle touch.

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