Supporting Your Mental Health with Everyday Products

Understanding how your body works is critical in maximizing your mental health. However, sometimes, you might not know where to start. Diana Garcia shares insights on steps to take. 

Using products to improve your mind and regulate stress and anxiety can be easy and beneficial for long-term success. These inexpensive products that you can use day-by-day can lead to colossal self-improvement and, ultimately, better mental health. 

Keep in mind that though products can help short-term, it is the consistency of your dedication to yourself that will determine your long-term outcome. However, if you feel there is something more serious going on, consider the “Why?” behind it and possibly seek professional help to dig deeper into yourself. 

Despite the above scenario, you are capable of being the change you wish to see in yourself. 

Why are products so important? 

Products help you have a physical representation of what benefits you are giving to your mind and body, and there is something therapeutic about developing a routine because it helps your brain develop a rhythm and movement. According to an Amen Clinic’s study, diet, exercise, and other lifestyle practices play a significant role in your brain’s health. Beyond these, you can make your senses enhance your brain’s health, too.

Products that activate your Sense of Smell: 

According to Chryssa Chalkia, a British Integrative Psychotherapist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), candles stimulate the part of your brain that activates and affects your mood and memory. This is the reason why, whenever you walk into a spa or a place with lit candles, you immediately feel a wave of calmness. 

Some great scents to try are lavender, apple, and sandalwood. 

You may have heard of aromatherapy. This holistic treatment uses scents to heal because of their psychological and physical effectiveness. One of the most popular tools in aromatherapy is essential oils. In a study that looks at the correlation between Lavender Oil and the decrease of Anxiety and Depression, researchers concluded that lavender essential oils have a similar, if not, higher rate of effectiveness to calm anxiety and depression than benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are the medication drug class prescribed to individuals who have symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Products that activate your Sense of Sound:

With an Aromatherapy Diffuser, also known as an oil diffuser, you stimulate three senses simultaneously: sounds, sight, and smell. To use a diffuser, you fill up the base with water and add some drops of essential oils (lavender for relaxation, peppermint for alertness, eucalyptus for the immune system, and citrus scents for refreshment). 

Once you turn the diffuser on, you have the option of having a light or not, then you will see a steam mixture of your water, and your oil(s) float in the air with a soft aroma and white noise. 

Studies have discovered that white noise is highly effective for sleep improvement, focus, and stress reduction

Products that activate your Sense of Taste:

How you interact with others or the world around you starts in the home. And your home is your body, from the inside out. Drinking water and staying hydrated is Self-Care 101. A study on brain function and dehydration concluded that, in schoolchildren, dehydration impaired focus and performance. However, how does this affect you as an adult? 

Though the study found that dehydration did not necessarily affect performance in adults, it did, however, state that dehydration highly impairs their moods. Long story short, drink your water and make sure to have a secure and durable water bottle. 

Products that activate your Sense of Touch:

Focusing on your body from the inside out in skincare is a big priority- water also improves this. Using a moisturizer improves aging. Therefore, keep your skin hydrated because it prevents cracks and breakouts. Be sure to try a moisturizer with SPF in it, or perhaps a night cream for improved cell turnover. 

Here is an article with more information on how to apply and look for the perfect moisturizer. This also helps you develop a routine on washing your face and moisturizing when you wake up and before bed. 

Plush Blankets or weighted blankets are more than just soft, cozy warmth. Weighted blankets have been researched, and studies found that they improve anxiety and help reduce the onset of sleeping disorders. 

Products that help your Sense of Sight

Visualizing your thoughts and the act of writing them down helps to process and reduce anxiety. Journaling has been found as a stress-managing tool and, according to a researcher from the University of Texas at Austin, “regular journaling strengthens immune cells, called T-lymphocytes.” 

Try doing it just for 20-minutes a day, and if that is still a lot to start with, then try writing a couple of sentences a day.  

Last words

Your daily habits are going to shape the path for your mental health. Therefore, what you decide to do is up to you. However, before you go to extremes, try these small natural approaches and see how your moods improve. You are capable of being the change you wish to see in yourself. 


Who Is Diana García?

Diana García is an entrepreneur, public speaker, certified life coach, and yoga instructor. She started using her passion and background in psychology to bring awareness to Mental Health and Wellness eight years ago. Since then, she has worked with special populations, victims of human trafficking, abuse, trauma, and those in underserved communities. Throughout her experience and traveling nationwide, she has used the method of practical psychology through modalities like art, yoga, and mindfulness to help individuals build conducive coping skills and reduce stress. She impacts the community locally and abroad through her blog and social media, Blame Diana.

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